Snapchat sexting is one of the naughties social media activities today. There are literally tens of thousands of hot dirty Snapchat girls that are willing to spread their sexy pictures and videos. Of course you can enjoy some one-way Snapchat Porn, but the ultimate thing is to go one-on-one with those horny girls.

In this post we provide we’ll help you get along finding Snapchat accounts for sexting. No, this is not a list of porn accounts (you can find some of them here), but a guide to actually get you sexting.

What is Snapchat Sexting?

Snapchat Sexting or sexting in general is the act of when two or more people send and/or receive explicit content (videos, images, or text) from/to another person, with the goal to turn each other on. It’s a highly intense and erotic form of direct (remote) contact between two or more persons.

How To Find Snapchat Sexting Accounts

If you don’t have anyone in your account up for sexting, you should start looking around. There are plenty of websites and forums out there, where people exchange their Snapchat usernames. You should check out these sources:

Warning: there are a lot of scammers out their with fake usernames and fake profiles that just want to spam you or lure you into something you don’t want!


Next to going straight into the deep waters, you can try alternative ways. The problem with searching forums, is that tons of others are fishing in the same pond. Especially girls who post their usernames there, getting flushed away with friend requests. You might end up like nr. 13 in the dozen. Nothing special about that. The real deal is a genuine 1-on-1 session. No others watching. Just the two of you sharing naughty images and thoughts.

So here are some other tips to find sexting friends:

  • Go through your own friends list
  • Use a dating app or website (like Tinder)
  • Hook up people in real life and share accounts

Once you’ve found some interesting targets follow these steps:

  • Find out what the other one’s goal of the friendship/connection is.
  • Test the waters with some teasing thoughts.
  • Use a lot of Emoji’s to ease up the conversation.
  • Work on your timing! If the other person is at work, your chances are lower than when someone is in the club.
  • Never give up! You will find a sexting account for sure!

Is Snapchat Sexting Normal?

Well, we only have one answer for this: YES! It’s perfectly normal to turn someone on through social media. But, we should always respect each others privacy. Never sext someone you don’t know or trust and please be careful with showing your full face. Before you know it you end up somewhere you don’t want… 😉

So if you’re into sexting please remember:

  • Never share something you don’t want to share
  • Think about your privacy
  • Think about the privacy of your sexting partner
  • Never abuse someone or blackmail someone
  • Never sext with underaged persons
  • And most important: keep it fun!

PS: got some dirty Snapchat experiences you want to share with us? Please contact us or use the comment section!